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About ZigBee



What is ZigBee ?

ZigBee is the wireless language that everyday devices use to connect to one another. In fact, ZigBee could be at work in your home right now based on an open global standard for low-cost, low-power and reliable wireless network.

ZigBee brings benefits of IOT(Internet Of Things) to your home and business. Enjoy a more comfortable, greener life with ZigBee.


Characteristics of ZigBee

n  Operation in the 2.4GHz frequency band according to IEEE 802.15.4

n  Multiple network topologies (point-to-point, mesh networks)

n  Long battery life

n  Low duty cycle & low latency

n  Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS)

n  Up to 65,000 nodes

n  Specifies various application profiles like Home Automation, Light Link, Smart Energy, etc.

n  Security key generation mechanism

n  Utilizes the industry standard AES-128 security scheme


What is it used for ?

n  Smart Homes

n  Connected Lighting

n  Industrial and Building Automation

n  Healthcare