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MG2420은 저전력, 저비용의 어플리케이션 구현이 가능한 2.4GHz RF transceiver로, IEEE802.15.4와 ZigBee 표준에 적용할 수 있습니다. MG2420의 ISM 대역은 2.4~2.48GHz이고, IEEE802.15.4의 표준 데이터 레이트 외에도 채널 코딩과 함께 다양한 데이터 레이트 모드(1M~3Mbps)를 지원합니다. 또한 MG2420은 외부 MCU로 구동하며 고속 SPI(Serial Peripheral Interface)를 통해 동작합니다.

[Block Diagram] [Circuit Diagram]

• Low-power consumption
• 15.4mA at RX mode / 16.1mA at TX mode with 0dBm output
• High RX Sensitivity
• -97dBm @ 250kbps (2Mcps Mode, Preliminary)
• No External T/R Switch and Filter needed
• On-chip VCO, LNA, and PA
• Programmable Output Power up to +9dBm
• Excellent TX EVM: 6% for 2Mcps, 8% for 4Mcps
• Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum
• MSK(O-QPSK) Modulation
• Channel coding with various rates of 1/2, 3/4
• Scalable Data Rate: 250kbps~3Mbps
• Digital RSSI Output
• Compliant to IEEE802.15.4

• Home Automation and Security
• Automatic Meter Reading
• Factory Automation and Motor Control
• Energy Management
• Remote Keyless Entry with Acknowledgement
• Low Power Telemetry
• Health-care equipment
• PC peripherals
• Toys and Gaming peripherals
• Remote Controller for Consumer Electronics
• Audio and Video Applications