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MG2470은 저전력, 저비용의 어플리케이션 구현이 가능한 2.4GHz 시스템 온 칩(SoC)으로, IEEE802.15.4와 RF4CE같은 산업 표준에 적용할 수 있습니다. MG2470의 ISM 대역은 2.4~2.48GHz이고, IEEE802.15.4의 표준 데이터 레이트 외에도 채널 코딩과 함께 다양한 데이터 레이트 모드(31.25kbps~1Mbps)를 지원합니다. 또한 MG2470에는 advanced RF transceiver, baseband PHY, MAC, AES-128 engine, enhanced 8-bit 8051 MCU, internal 64-KB flash memory, 6-KB SRAM과 함께 다양한 어플리케이션용 주변기기들이 포함되어 있습니다.

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RF Transceiver
▶ Single-chip 2.4GHz RF Transceiver
▶ Low Power Consumption
▶ High Sensitivity of -99dBm at 250kbps
▶ No External T/R Switch or Filter needed
▶ On-chip VCO, LNA, and PA
▶ Programmable Output Power up to +9.6dBm
▶ Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum
▶ O-QPSK Modulation
▶ Scalable Data Rate including 250Kbps specified in IEEE802.15.4: 31.25Kbps ~ 1Mbps
▶ RSSI Measurement
▶ Compliant to IEEE802.15.4

Hardwired MAC
▶ Two 256-byte circular FIFOs
▶ FIFO management
▶ AES Encryption/Decryption Engine(128 bit)
▶ CRC-16 Computation and Check

8051-Compatible MCU
▶ 8051 Compatible (single cycle execution)
▶ 64KB Embedded Flash Memory
▶ 6KB Data Memory
▶ 128-byte CPU dedicated Memory
▶ 1KB Boot ROM
▶ Dual DPTR Support
▶ I2S/PCM Interface with two 256-byte FIFOs
▶ µ-law/a-law/ADPCM Voice Encoder/Decoder
▶ Two High-Speed UARTs with Two 16-byte FIFOs(up to 1Mbps)
▶ Two Timer/Counters
▶ 5 PWM channels
▶ Watchdog Timer
▶ Sleep Timer using the 32kHz RC-OSC clock
▶ Quadrature Signal Decoder
▶ 22 General Purpose I/Os for MG2470-F48
▶ Internal 32kHz RC oscillator for Sleep Timer
▶ 16 MHz High Speed RC oscillator for the fast start-up from reset & power-down mode
▶ On-chip Power-on-Reset and Brown-out detector
▶ 4-channel 12-bit ADC( ENOB > 10-bit)
▶ SPI Master/Slave Interface with two 16-byte FIFOs
▶ I2C Master/Slave with 16-byte FIFO
▶ Programmable IR(Infra-Red) Modulator
▶ ISP (In System Programming)
▶ External clock output function(500KHz, 1/2/4/8/16/32 MHz selectable)

Clock Inputs
▶ 32MHz Crystal for System Clock

▶ 1.8V(Core)/2.0~3.6V(I/O) Operation
▶ Power Management Scheme with Deep Sleep Mode
▶ Separate On-chip Regulators for Analog and Digital Circuitry.
▶ Power Supply Range for Internal Regulator(2.0V(Min) ~ 3.6V(Max))

▶ Lead-Free 48-pin QFN Package (7mm x 7mm)


▶  2.4 GHz IEEE 802.15.4 Applications
▶  RF4CE Remote Control Systems
▶  Lighting Systems
▶  Voice Applications
▶  Home/Building Automation
▶  Industrial Control and Monitoring
▶  Energy Management
▶  Low Power Wireless Sensor Networks
▶  Consumer Electronics
▶  Health-care equipments
▶  Toys