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Temperature and humidity managing system based on RFID technology of RadioPulse

CJ GLS announced their development of ‘Cool-Guardian’ which is a managing device for temperature and humidity based on RFID USN. They will adopt new technology to their distribution center and low-temperature vehicle.
The Cool-Guardian is a managing device collecting and transmitting data of temperature and humidity in real time developed by CJ GLS. When the sensor transmits the data to server, the data is used for low-temperature vehicle and distribution center.
Existing temperature and humidity controller has a short measuring range due to its wired sensor and the price is also high. The Cool-guardian’s wireless sensor can be connected regardless of distance and the price is reduced about 22%. The company built the largest low-temperature distribution center last year. By this development, the company can be more competitive in fast growing low-temperature logistic market.

Mr. Yun, the leader of RFID USN department said, “The perfect cold-chain system is built by developing the new system especially during summer.”

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